Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inner Bohemia

Recently a friend from Church expressed his outrage over some decisions that local and general Church leaders have made of late. He's so mad about that and other things that he's decided not to come to church anymore.

I liken this to a patient, furious with his doctor, who exclaims, "Well, then. Remember those pills you told me to take? The ones that help save my life? Ha. I'll show you. I WON'T TAKE THEM ANYMORE. So. There."

What is my friend thinking? Has he forgotten that our obedience to God and God's law protects us? Blesses us? Molds us into a better version of ourselves? Indeed, saves our spiritual lives?

And the question of the day is this: How do I protect myself from getting to that strange place of disobedience to God just because a Church leader or member has disappointed me, offended me, or made me angry?

What I have found to be helpful is to measure my "inner Bohemia." A little phrase that Steve and I've used for years regarding that deep in the heart peace that we expect to have when we're living right.

So then, "How's my inner Bohemia?" Is it at peace? Do I feel that God's pleased with me? Am I humble? or Am I proud? These are the hard questions I have to ask myself frequently because I often find myself not quite at peace, not quite feeling right inside. Then, the even harder question - what do I do about it? Do I turn away from God and complain (yes, sometimes I do. sigh.) But that never brings the peace that I seek. Only, only, only when I strive to acquire the virtue of submissiveness that the Savior exemplified is my "inner Bohemia" restful. Serene. At peace. Every single time.

To my friend: Guess what? Complaining, criticizing, and ranting about the Church will never hurt the Church. It will keep growing and improving all those who pattern their lives after it's teachings. No. The only one hurt by your anger is you. And your wife. And your children. And those who have been your friends. Please take a moment to check your inner Bohemia today. It just might save your life.


  1. Sounds like the quick road to hell.

  2. Anonymous: I'm assuming you mean his decision, not mine. If so, you are correct.

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